Wednesday, 21 August 2013

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Trade Show Banners

Retractable Banner stands are an eye-catching and cost-effective way of displaying your business and its products.

Retractable Banners are also called Pull-Up Banners which are light enough that anyone can use them.

The Banner (often digitally printed) retracts into a cartridge in the base of the stand and most are free standing (they stand on feet thus not needing any other support).Mounting the Banner on the support pole (attached to the bottom cartridge) the sign is easily erected and ready for use.

Retractable Banners are the perfect signage for stands at an exhibition, trade show, conference or product launch.

Pull Up Banners are an attention grabbing visual presentation of your message.Pull Up Banners are a great way to enhance branding at the entry to an event, a space you use regularly, but are not allowed to permanently brand, and they are highly portable.

Raymark Signs has over 25 years experience in quick, reliable and easy to use Signage for all your needs contact Sandy on 07 33444333 for more information.

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Vehicle Signs

Vehicle Signs - Signs for your Car.

Quite often your Car (or fleet of vehicles) can be your best means of attracting new business especially if it's on the road all the time.

We can turn your vehicle or your fleet of vehicles into a mobile billboard with high quality, removable digital wrap graphics or by just putting your name and contact information on the door or back window.

Raymark Signs has over 25 years experience when it comes to Vehicle Signage of all types and we're sure to have something to suit your budget.

Raymark Signs can show you how to make the most of the marketing potential of your car or your fleet.

For more information call our Customer Service Manager Sandy on 0733444333.

Vehicle Signs are also called Car Wraps, Magnetic Signs, Vinyl Lettering, Vehicle Decals

A Frame Signs

A Frames are a widely used and reliable form of signage.
The face of an A Frame can be made from Metal (more permanent message) or Corflute (for more regular message changes in a cost efficient manner).
A Frames are excellent for capturing passing customers attention.
A Frames are an inexpensive way to use signs to advertise your message and or location.
A Frames are widely used by cafes, retail businesses, hairdressers, and service industries.
A Frames are also used by real estate agents, portable and affordable, easily used and moved to a new location.

Raymark Signs has over 25 years experience in Sign manufacture and our staff are more than capable of designing the perfect sign for your application and to suit your budget.

Contact Sandy our Customer Service Manager for more information on 07 33444333

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Safety Signs

Safety Signs are a very important part of any workplace. Safety Signs can warn people of impending danger, direct people along a safe path or just warn people of how their behavior can effect others. Safety Signs are frequently used to make visitors to your workplace aware of the dangers and company policy when it comes to your work space.

Raymark Signs has a wide range of Safety Signs already pre-made that are ready to be installed, but we also offer users the ability to customize the Safety Signs so that your signs will fit your specific needs.

We also offer discounts for bulk orders just in case your workplace requires more than one Safety Sign.
All of the Safety Signs sold by Raymark Signs are compliant with the Australian Standard 1319-1994: Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment.
We suggest that all Safety Signs be placed in a highly visable area with the message of the Safety Sign in mind.
Not sure which Safety Sign suits your needs then call Sandy on 07 33444333 for more information.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

With over 26 years of operation, our corporate-trained management and sales staff are suitably qualified to service the signwriting needs of the Southeast Queensland market, and from time to time, beyond.

Our signage reprofiling services have taken our sign production crews south to Sydney and Melbourne, north to Cairns, and west to Toowoomba and Perth within this time.

Our friendly sales staff will call on you with obligation-free advice about your signage needs and shortly there after we will supply a detailed quotation of the sign work to be completed.

Our services can be based around your existing artwork or new artwork can be produced and designed in our artrooms in conjunction with client requirements and / or corporate advertising manuals.

Ph 0733444333